Help Wanted: Film Experts for on call projects

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Help Wanted: Film Experts for on call projects

Humanus Media, LLC is looking to expand our rolodex of talented freelance artists who share our passion for visual storytelling. Our specialty is in short non-fiction films that feature the stories of remarkable organizations, thus our primary needs include the following:


-Editors & colorists

-After Effects Wizards

-Sound designers

-Music composers

About You

Of course you have the technical expertise and professionalism to go with it, but what makes you especially unique is your willingness to learn, give and take new ideas, and help others feel comfortable while getting the job done both efficiently and beautifully. While you love making movies and get a kick out of any number of fun projects, on a foundational level you resonate with the idea that seemingly unremarkable individuals have remarkable stories to share; you have a desire to give a voice to the voiceless. You may have loads of experience, or just a few projects under your belt, but most importantly you do what you say and say what you do.

About Us

Humanus Media, LLC is a video design company that helps tell the real stories of real people who\’ve been impacted by the products and services of amazing organizations. Like user-experience and qualitative researchers, our design approach is focused on people and their stories. The result is a video designed to seamlessly fit the brand and value of our clients while getting at the very core ideas, emotions, and purpose of their remarkable organization. Our 1-3 minute live-action documentary films can be used and adapted for a host of different purposes and environments both on and off the Internet. The idea of contributing to the large body of trashy media already prevalent is repulsive, thus we make beautiful work that not only please our customers, but make us proud to put our names on it.

What’s Next

Pay will be determined by experience, and hiring will be on a project-by-project basis. If interested send the following to :

1) a few lines about why you think you’d be a good fit

2) your demo reel and/or some examples of your work

3) your resume