Capstone Projects are peer-mentoring environments provided by the Media Arts Department and initiated by Media Arts majors. They are designed to give upper-division students opportunities to provide peer mentoring for younger students within the program.

This section of the website contains information about the process of getting a Capstone Project approved and created. It includes details about how and when to apply, what to expect from the pitches, and what is expected from you during each stage of the process. You can also find the required forms for a Capstone in this section.

While the student initiating a Capstone Project assumes the primary responsibility for interacting with the Department, the process is collaborative.
These advanced projects are generally culminating experiences at the end of a student’s undergraduate work (similar to a senior project).

Each capstone project comes with associated coursework, class credit, and departmental supervision. Capstone projects also potentially receive a large amount of departmental support, through equipment access and funding.

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Fiction Capstone Process and Documents

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Non-Fiction (Documentary) Capstone Process and Documents