Access Documents

These are the documents that need to be filled out BEFORE coming to an access meeting.
Bring them with you when you come.

Making films is all about paperwork and getting access is no different. These documents, depending on what you are requesting, need to be filled out completely and signed by a faculty advisor before requesting an Access meeting, which is another form that can be found in this section.

The most common mistake people make at Access meetings is not having their paperwork in proper order when they come, this shows that they are unprepared and if this is the case, the Access Committee will not give Access to equipment. People with incomplete paperwork will be turned away and told to schedule another meeting when it is filled out correctly. Essentially, the most important part of the Access meeting is this paperwork that you fill out beforehand, do not rush through it or ignore it.

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Access Meeting Request Form

Fill out this form to request an Access meeting appointment. It needs to be filled out at least 48 hours before a meeting. You will be emailed (or otherwise contacted) by the Access Manager before the meeting to confirm your appointment.

Practice Exercise Application

This application is required of all students applying for a Media Arts Practice Exercises (beginning and advanced).

Production Equipment Access Form

Fill out this form and bring it with you to the Access meeting. This is the list of equipment that you are asking for. Be thorough while filling the paper out, it shows preparation and can make the difference between getting permission or not.

Access Meeting Checklist

This is a checklist of things to do and remember when getting ready for an Access Meeting.