Access FAQ

Q: What is Access?

A: When people say “access” they are normally referring to the Access Meeting. In an Access meeting you can be approved to use equipment for class projects after you explain your need for the equipment and demonstrate your competence in using it.

Q: When do I need Access?

A: Access is need for practice exercises, capstones, and any equipment beyond approved lists for classes. Access meetings should be take place at least one week before the desired reservation time (with the exception of the grip trailer). So make sure you plan ahead.

Q: What do I need to do to get Access?

A: Prepare. Depending on what you are requesting, take care of your preparing then fill out the paperwork, meet with your faculty advisor, request an access meeting, attend meeting.

Q: Where are Access meetings?

A: F515 on Thursdays at 12:40 pm.

Q: Who needs to come to come to access?

A: For practice exercises only the student requesting access needs to come to the meeting but for capstones the Producer and UPM need to attend. Any other key crew members such as Director or DP who you feel would be helpful in the meeting with answering questions should come as well.

Q: Who is in the meeting?

A: The Access committee consists of faculty administrators and student employees who are Area Supervisors in the MAL. The people included generally are the Access & Facilities manager, Project Coordinator, FSSS Area Supervisor, and Sound Area Supervisor.

Q: When should I go to Access?

A: At least 1 week before your desired reservation date. However, if you have special requests such as the grip trailer, the meeting should take place 2 weeks before your reservation so that arrangements can be made.

Q: What is a practice exercise?

A: Student-initiated opportunities to learn a specific skill, they cannot have a script and should not be used with an end product in mind. A student mentor is required to create the exercise and teach the skills.

Q: What happens if something breaks?

A: Fill out a damage report and tell the Access Manager as soon as possible. At a MAL meeting, the situation will be discussed and a fine will be assessed.

Q: What is a mentor? When do I need one?

A: A mentor is a student who knows how to use a particular piece of equipment and would be able to teach a student in a practice exercise.