I Preferred To Earn It

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Tomoe T. Witherspoon

Adjunct Faculty, Spanish and Portuguese


Getting an education blessed my life because I gained a better understanding and appreciation about our life on Earth.

I have more opportunities to serve because of my experiences in life as well as a better knowledge of the English language, and other languages as well.

The spirit has played a big role in my life. I could often detect the good and evil of our society, of people in the midst of good shepherds and goats, among the wheat and the tares of our days.

Other men and woman who helped me become educated were those humble and honest people who unselfishly gave me a lift in spirit and in good deeds when I truly needed them, those who had the spirit of Christ in their hearts.

They are the ones that helped me to direct my life.

Although many influences played roles in my education, like the right books, resources, good teachers and leaders of the church and community, my education also had a lot to do with my own initiative. I had to search a lot, which in part I learned from my earthly father as well as from our Heavenly Father: “men should be anxiously be engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness” (D &C 58: 27).

Certainly I had to sacrifice many things in order to gain my education. I had to sacrifice many of my sleeping hours, my time, my social life, my family, and my money, which I had to earn with the sweat of my brow. I did not get any scholarships or assistance from anybody monetarily–but that was my choice. I preferred to earn it.

Thanks to my good friends, brothers and sisters in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and God, the doors were opened to me from time to time, when I needed. I was able to overcome obstacles with faith, prayers, and holding to the iron rod. The scriptures and personal revelations which I had from God also helped me greatly from time to time in my moments of difficulties.

Angels on Earth, Christ-like people, also helped me in my times of need, as I tried my best to live according to the will of God.

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