Why Not Both?
| |

Jarica Watts
Assistant Professor, English

I Preferred To Earn It
| |

Tomoe T. Witherspoon
Adjunct Faculty, Spanish and Portuguese

Your Education is Something You Can Never Lose
| |

Tina Taylor Dyches
Professor, Counseling Psychology and Special Education

Repaying a Part of the Debt
| |

Stefinee Pinnegar
Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Heavenly Father’s Vision Is So Much Larger Than Our Own
| |

Sarah M. Coyne
Associate Professor, School of Family Life

Choose Your Own Adventure with the Lord
| |

Sarah Gunnell Bellini
Assistant Professor, Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science

Helping Others Learn How to Learn
| |

Roberta Merrill
Adjunct Faculty, Family, Home, and Social Sciences

I Had No Idea the Blessings That Would Come Into My Life
| |

Rickelle Richards
Associate Professor, Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science

A Great Mom Job
| |

Rebecca Walker Clarke
Adjunct Faculty, English

Education – A Great Blessing in My Life
| |

Patricia Ravert
Professor, Nursing

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