Getting Involved on a Student Capstone Film

Want to help out on a BYU student capstone film? Our students are always looking for student volunteers to help. On this page, you can send the producer of one of out upcoming student films your interest in volunteering on their project. In some cases, you may even be able to get class credit while you work on set (current BYU students only). If you offer to help on a project, we request that you follow these guidelines:

  1. You must commit to attend all production meetings you are asked to attend
  2. You are expected to show up to the shoot at the times you agree to and staying until you are dismissed
  3. You must not miss any of your regular classes to work on the film
  4. You are expected to act professionally and respectfully with everyone on the project

Not following these guidelines will have an affect on your future opportunities with other Media Arts Projects. If you are wanting to get credit for working on a capstone, do the following:

  1. please fill out this form: TMA 372-215-388 project application
  2. Have the faculty producer/mentor over crew sign the paperwork (Tom Lefler)
  3. Return the paperwork to Jordan Petersen in the TMA office (D581 HFAC) before the add/drop deadline to receive an add code.

Here are the current capstone films slated to shoot in the Fall 2014 semester:

Director: Nick Ritter
Producer: Matt Siemers

Synopsis: Four friends try to help a pregnant woman in need, but are hampered by bad luck, a tow truck, and a parole officer.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at mrsiemers@hotmail.com

Director: Pete Walton
Producer: Alexis Romero

Synopsis: Two street mimes have to compete with two clowns in order to keep their home.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at alexis.romero.productions@gmail.com

Director: Elisabeth Weagel
Producer: Melissa Lee

Synopsis: Startup’s Candy Co. is the oldest candy company in Utah Valley, but with the surge in new tech companies on “Silicon Slopes,” Startup’s is becoming forgotten. Noon to Two will explore the dichotomy of Provo’s tradition and innovation through telling the story of Startup’s and the rise of new businesses in the area. This will be paralleled by my personal reflections on reconciling my affinity for tradition and my place in the 21st century.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at mlee337@fiberpipe.net