Media Arts Lab

The MAL provides equipment, services, and facilities to serve the students and department projects. When you have questions or problems, you can talk to MAL employees and they will be able to help you solve the problem or direct you to the person you need to talk to. MAL employees generally are students in the Media Arts program that have specialized knowledge in the areas in which they work.


The Media Arts Lab is a series of media production facilities and student staff that serve students and faculty of the Media Arts Program in the Theatre and Media Arts Department. The MAL:

  • Facilitates the application of new technologies to support and enhance the educational and course objectives of the Media Arts program
  • Explores and experiments with the aesthetic, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of film and other media
  • Encourages a sense of responsibility and professionalism
  • Ensures the highest quality of content and presentation representative of BYU’s institutional mission.


The MAL is administered by the Media Arts faculty and Area Supervisors. These student supervisors are responsible for general supervision of space, security, and equipment replacement and maintenance; employees are responsible for one-on-one student instruction on a case-by-case basis to ensure students are qualified to work with equipment. Class TAs are responsible for the application of software and tools in accomplishing class assignments.

Each of the MAL facilities is administered by its own lab supervisor (see contact information below); however, access to all labs other than the Open Lab requires review and scheduling. This is supervised by the Access Manager.

MAL Administrator:
-Tom Lefler (
Media Arts Program Coordinator:
-Kyle Stapley (
Access Manager:
-Peter Walton (
Post Production Coordinator:
-Caitlin Stratton <>

Open/Advanced Editing Lab Supervisor:
-Chris Workman (
MA Check Out Manager:
-Melissa Lee (
FSSS Manager:
-Jarom Cowan (
Sound Area Manager:
-Melissa Young (