Applying to the Media Arts Program

414170_10150765345379973_659944972_11304236_1066528534_oThe Media Arts Program is a liberal arts program that focuses it’s core on Critical Studies and Film History. Although film production is taught within the program, it is important for our students to realize that production is integrated within critical studies, theory and film history.

The Media Arts Program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts Studies as well as a minor in Media Arts Studies. The application process is nearly the same for the Major and Minor with the exception of a few elements. The application process is an indication of the program itself; it requires time, critical analysis, creativity and outstanding performance in TMA 102 (Intro to Film Analysis).

Due to department resources, a limited number of students are accepted into the Media Arts program each year. Because of the University’s policy on high credit hours, students are allowed only two opportunities to apply to the Media Arts Program. This includes Major and Minor applicants.

Applications will be evaluated by:

  • The student’s abilities, interests, expectations, preparation and the Media Arts Program criteria/qualifications (see below);
  • The student’s ability to meet the pre-application and application deadlines; follow procedures/guidelines as outlined; and quality and thoroughness of the completed application; and
  • The student’s performance in TMA 102 (Intro To Film Analysis)

What type of students are we looking for?

The Media Arts Program is seeking students who embody the following qualities:

  • Analytical: solid thinking, conceptualizing and writing skills; ability to think, speak, and write critically and analytically.
  • Collaborative: work amenably with other students, faculty, and staff. A Media Arts Student demonstrates willingness to compromise, strives to support others, does not flee from difficulties but acknowledges differences of opinion and productively works to resolve them. The student responds positively and civilly to others in disagreements, knows how to listen and relate to others with Christ-like qualities, and gives feedback honestly and tactfully to team members.
  • Creative: a potential for formulating story through cinematic/graphic/written expressions.
  • Teachable: a strong interest in and capacity to learn; prepared to view, listen, and comprehend. A Media Arts Student follow instructions; and grasps fundamentals which lead to sophisticated concepts. Eager to receive a well-rounded media arts education, regarding the fundamentals as the foundation for application and experimentation, and willing to hear criticism and to learn from mistakes.
  • Responsible: willingly assumes responsibility for creative and intellectual work (strengths, weaknesses, and omissions), and is open to feedback from other students and faculty.

Media Arts Application Deadlines:


Winter 2015 Deadline:

Media Arts  Applications are due before 11:59pm on: Monday, March 2, 2015
Interview Dates: March 12 and 13.

Fall 2015 Deadline:

Media Arts Applications are due before 11:59pm on: Monday, November 2, 2015
Interview Dates: November 12 and 13

How to Apply to the Media Arts Major or Minor

– Be accepted by BYU as a continuing day student: agree to uphold the ideals outlined in The Mission Statement of Brigham Young University, Church Educational System Honor Code, and The Aims of a BYU Education and accept them as a guide to all aspects of your academic and practical experience.

– Register as a Pre-Media Arts Major (Major Applicants only): in the Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center in D-444 HFAC or by phone (801) 422-3777. After registering, visit the TMA Front Desk in D-581 HFAC to receive a TMA Discount Card that entitles you to one discounted ticket to certain theatre performances.

– Complete or be enrolled in TMA 102 during the semester you are applying: Applicants should complete TMA 102 with a grade of B or better. It is strongly recommended that transfer students register for or audit TMA 102, as it is an introduction to the skills necessary for the Media Arts Program. Students can apply to the program the same semester they are taking TMA 102; final acceptance is dependent upon successful completion of the course.

– Begin the online application.To begin the online application visit You will need to create a Slideroom Account to access the application. Note: The application requires a $5 processing fee. You will be prompted for payment when you submit your finished application. The online application consists of the following elements:

  • Applicant Information
  • A Letter of Introduction: Please include a biographical introduction, your family background, and what you have learned from life and work experiences. The faculty are interested in your aspirations and in your intellectual and aesthetic experiences.
  • 10 Most Significant List: A list of 10 films, television programs, books (other than the scriptures), web sites, music, plays or video games you have read/viewed/experienced. Explain, in five short sentences or less for each one, why you chose it and what you most value about each.
  • 2 Creative Projects: Please give us two creative ideas for projects that could be pursued as a student in the Media Arts Program. Please indicate whether this is an original idea, an adaptation of a literary text, or an idea inspired by another source (such as a newspaper article, news story, magazine article, song, video game, etc). Indicate the proposed length of the finished project.
  • 2 Critical Analysis Essays: Identify a theme for each of the two selected films and explain how one particular element supports that theme. Cite concrete examples from the film. Do NOT consult secondary sources (i.e. reviews, books, internet sites, TMA 102 text) when writing your essays. These are not simply plot summaries, but analyses that demonstrate critical skills learned in TMA 102. Both films can be viewed at the HBLL Media Center.
  • Creative Sample Video (Major Applicants Only): As part of the Major application, you are required to create and submit a short film. This film must be no longer than 3 minutes total running time. This sample should be a new project made specifically for your application (i.e. do not use a film created with your friends in high school or done for a ward activity or as part of professional work). You should write, direct, shoot, and edit your video; but do NOT appear in it.
  • Analysis of your Creative Sample (Major Applicants Only): Using the critical skills developed in TMA 102, analyze your creative work and its theme, discussing and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the piece in use of cinematic elements to communicate values.

– Initial meeting with your faculty advisor. Faculty advisors are assigned by student’s last name. See the table below to find your faculty advisor and their contact information. Use this first visit to ask any questions about the program and the application, as well as discuss areas of interest and skill sets and the selection of possible electives. To make an appointment, please send an email request.


– Create a graduation plan packet. Referring to the Media Arts Major or Minor Academic Plan, the Media Arts Course Frequencies List and the Media Arts Major or Minor Flowchart, create a graduation plan on the packet provided here: (Major Graduation Packet or Minor Graduation Packet). Hard copies may also be picked up at the TMA office (D581 HFAC). These links can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Include all of your GE requirements, major/minor requirements, and Media Arts electives each semester until you graduate. Remember to take note of the semester each class is offered as well as prerequisites. (You are encouraged to discuss possible electives in your first meeting with your faculty advisor.)

– When your graduation plan is completed, they must be reviewed and signed by the CFAC Advisement Center (D444 HFAC)

– After your graduation plan has been signed by the CFAC Advisement center, you must meet with your faculty advisor a second time to have the packet reviewed and signed off on. 

– After you obtain all the needed signatures, digitize your graduation plan into a PDF and attach it to your online application. (There are scanners available in the HBLL or you can have our front office digitize it and email it to you.NOTE: To avoid a rush, the TMA office will only digitize documents up to a week before the submission deadline)

– Finish the remaining application elements online, pay the $5 processing fee, and submit the application before the deadline. Immediately after you submit your application, you will need to visit the TMA office to sign-up for an interview with our full faculty. Interview dates are listed above with the application deadline dates.

Students are notified if they are accepted about 4 weeks after applying.

Application Documents

For Major Applicants:


Media Arts MAJOR Graduation Plan Packet

For Media Arts Major Applicants

Media Arts MAJOR Academic Plan (MAP)


Media Arts MAJOR Flowchart


Media Arts Course Frequencies List

For Minor Applicants:


Media Arts MINOR Graduation Plan Packet

For Media Arts Minor Applicants

Media Arts MINOR Academic Plan (MAP)


Media Arts MINOR Flowchart


Media Arts Course Frequencies List

Contact Information

Pre-Major Academic Advisement:
College of Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center
D-444 HFAC

Questions Specific to the Media Arts Program:
BYU Department of Theatre and Media Arts
D-581 HFAC

Kyle Stapley, Media Arts Program Coordinator
D-581 HFAC